SSDL include facilities on the second floor of the Montgomery-Knight building and the fourth floor of the Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) building.

Research Laboratory

Montgomery-Knight Academic Space Montgomery-Knight Academic Space Montgomery-Knight Server Room

Montgomery-Knight facilities include office space and computational capabilities including individual workstations and dedicated use of a high-end, computational server: Sixteen 2.2 - 2.4 GHz Dual Core AMD Opteron processors and Eight 2.66 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon processors (112 cores total) with 191 GB of RAM and 2.9 TB of hard drive space.

Flight Hardware Laboratory

The Flight Hardware Laboratory in the Engineering Science & Mechanics building is used for SSDL small satellite and instrumentation fabrication and testing. The 400 ft2 lab is equipped with a class 100,000 clean room, ESD-safe workbenches, electrical test and measurement equipment, a soldering station, and flight hardware supply cabinets. Additional equipment for hardware fabrication is available in the Aerospace Engineering Machine Shop in the Montgomery Knight building, and at the Invention Studio in the Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex.

Class 100,000 Clean Room

Tracking Station

Tracking Station

The SSDL tracking station provides spacecraft commanding and data downlink capability. Mounted on the roof of the Montgomery Knight building, the rotor-driven antenna system provides horizon-to-horizon coverage. A 3-m diameter mesh dish is used for S-band receive capability, and a co-mounted Yagi antenna provides UHF uplink and downlink capability. Tracking station support equipment includes a Kenwood TS-2000X transceiver, and an Icom IC-R9500 receiver. NOVA and Ham Radio Deluxe software are used for satellite tracking and antenna steering.

Mission Operations Center

Mission Operations Center

Space flight operations are conducted from the SSDL Mission Operations Center, a 540 ft2 facility located in the Engineering Science and Mechanics building. Desktop computer consoles for each spacecraft subsystem and the mission director are configured for mission monitoring and data analysis. A wireless voice network is utilized for flight team operations. Ground data servers are located in the French building.